In the 10 years I've been photographing professionally, I've discovered the best way to learn is hands-on, from someone who cares about your growth pouring into you. I've grown the most from other photographers—first in a little studio in Athens under two talented photographers, then from friends and professors at Savannah College of Art & Design, and collectively from second shooting for photographers across the state of Georgia. I'd love to pour all that knowledge into you!

With an Advertising/Design degree from Savannah College of Art & Design (my other passion), I offer a unique perspective as both a photographer and brand designer. I'm here to help you elevate both your photography style and brand presence.

full Mentoring session


I'll walk you through all steps of a session first-hand. We'll start with an on-location session where you'll shoot alongside me. I'll offer guidance on client direction, lighting, etc. and answer any questions you have in the process.

Following the session, we'll get coffee and I'll walk you through my process of culling and editing, offer feedback on your images from the session, and answer any other questions you have for me.

You'll leave with action items to make your shooting and editing process smoother.



A less formal mentoring option, we'll get coffee (or a drink of the boozier variety), and you can pick my brain on any photography-related topics you'd like to learn about, including:

Creating and maintaining a brand presence

Advertising and attracting clients

Defining your photography style

How to guide clients to natural, emotive photos

Culling and editing process

You'll leave with solid steps on moving your personal brand forward.



I'll thoroughly review your website, sample galleries, and social media presence. During this process, I'll create a detailed document tailored to you with feedback, tips, and action items to elevate your brand and work.