How would you describe your style?

My work is moody and authentic. It's deep, vivid colors, and dramatic black and whites. It's full of emotion and love. It aims to help you remember the feeling of your wedding day, the confidence of your boudoir session, or the love and adventure of your family session—not just how you looked in those moments.


Are you a good fit for my wedding / session?

We're a good fit if: You're looking for natural, artistic photos that tell your story and represent who you really are.

We're not a good fit if: You're looking for a gallery of posed, smiling at the camera photos that are overly bright and unnatural. 


What will it be like to work with you?

I'll help you with everything from choosing the perfect time for outdoor lighting, to outfit tips, to timelines and locations. I'm with you every step of the photographic process, and I'll make it fun and comfortable! 

You're probably thinking you'll be awkward in front of the camera because that's what 99% of couples and individuals tell me, but part of my job is to make you feel relaxed and bring out your true selves. I do that with natural direction, questions to get you talking, and sometimes even grabbing a drink to loosen things up.


How do I reserve my wedding date / book a session?

Before booking your wedding or session, I love to chat with my clients over coffee or a phone call to get to know each other better. From there, a signed contract and 50% deposit will secure your wedding or session date.


Where are you based? Do you travel?

I'm based in Atlanta, Georgia, and YES, I travel! I dream of living on the road, traveling from wedding to wedding, but until then I'll offer you the best travel rates possible for wherever you're getting married. So far, weddings have taken me through Atlanta, Athens, Savannah, Charleston, Asheville, New Orleans, and more.


Do you use a shot list for weddings?

Strictly, no—because I want you to have the best photos possible. Shooting from a shot list distracts photographers from real moments happening in front of us. I promise those moments are much more important than replicating a photo you've found online.


When will I receive my photos?

Weddings are delivered no longer than 4 weeks after your wedding date, and sessions are delivered within 2 weeks of the session date.


How many photos will I receive?

While it may sound great to have thousands and thousands of photos in your gallery, I promise a carefully curated gallery is much more memorable. I guarantee a minimum of 50 photos per hour, but if a photo is worthy, it'll be in your gallery. I want you to have all of the important moments.